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Honey Gro


      Honey Gro was brought to ensure wash day is no longer a chore. We formulated our products with honey, biotin, and flaxseed. Ensuring we pack our products with the essential nutrients and vitamins your hair has been craving. Watch as your hair transforms into a longer, fuller, healthier, and shinier mane. 

      Based in Aloe Vera for the benefits it offers the scalp. Aloe Vera strengthens the hair and heals the scalp. Say goodbye to itchy, irritated, and dry scalp. Aids in breakage and damage. Seals in moisture as well as promotes hair growth. 

      Honey seals moisture into the hair follicles. Restores shine and smoothens your hair naturally with its natural properties. Promotes a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth. 

      Biotin increases keratin production which results in growing thicker and stronger hair strands. 

      Flaxseed provides nourishment to the hair and scalp. Gives hair growth a boost while providing strength at the root.

      Your hair will thank you for ensuring you chose products that does not harm your hair. Free of: Sulfates, Parabens, Harsh Chemicals, Petroleum, and Harmful Alcohols 

      Formulated for all hair types/textures; LOC FRIENDLY 

      Made and manufactured in the USA

      Not tested on Animals 

      Made for ages 12 months and older (Check allergies)