- Your locs, curls, kinks, and coils should be loved and handled with love and care. Just like the rest of you! Let's chat on how to make wash day less of a chore and more of a self care experience.

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Hair wash-day! These three words are enough to send chills down the spine of anyone with naturally curly hair. Wash day can be tedious, frustrating, and sometimes a little painful. It is one of those days of the week some people try to push off for as long as they can. Despite the annoyance, wash days are very important for your natural hair routine. Our hair especially our curls are the most vulnerable when wet. How we look after them affects everything from hair loss, and split ends to minimize breakage and shedding. 

Girls, with these simple hair washing tips, you can flip the script of washing hair and make this experience something to love. Loving yourself starts with self-care and with the right tips and tricks, you will begin to enjoy wash day.


Pre-poo is the process of applying a moisturizing treatment to your hair prior to shampooing (which usually strips your hair of its natural oils) usually in the form of treatment or oil. With the use of pre-wash treatments, you can decrease moisture loss. Our current obsession is Ailey’s redefined intensified treatment which will make your hair feel as soft as a baby’s bum.  It has the goodness of Shea butter and Argan oil that penetrates the hair shaft means it absorbs in your hair shaft rather than sitting on top of your hair. 


Your scalp is the birthplace of all your hair which is why keeping it clean is very important. Shampooing is a necessary step, choose a sulfate-free formula that is gentle and hydrating. Keep your focus mainly on the scalp to get rid of excess oil and product build-up. 


If you have to choose one product to use on your hair for life, this should be it. After using shampoo, always follow with a conditioner. Conditioners come with multiple benefits but the best of all is that they reduce friction between strands, smooth the hair shaft, prime the hair, and improve manageability.

Make sections of your hair and apply the conditioner to your strands. To provide more slip and mobilization, apply the conditioner to wet hair. Continue to work through your strands to assist with detangle. We recommend our Honey Gro Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 


The best time to detangle the hair is when the conditioner is in. you can use a detangling tool like a comb or a brush but it’s best to detangle using your fingers. Finger detangling comes with a slew of benefits such as less breakage, fewer knots, and split ends. An additional bonus to section off your hair and either twist or plait the hairs section after it is detangled.  


Once your conditioner has done its job and your curls are soft, smooth, and tangle-free it’s time to rinse it all away. When you’re done, your hair will feel refreshed, pliable, and ready for styling. We like to consider the rinse away as rinsing all of the problems, concerns, or stress out of your space. Allowing a new refreshed opportunity to slay yet another day!  


Now after all that hard work, it’s time to style.  Drying your hair without the use of high heat is a great way to maintain your hair health and bounce. Use a microfiber towel or a T-shirt to squeeze out the excess water while minimizing static. This allows the excess water to be absorbed vs dried allowing moisture to be maintained. For those who need a leave in conditioner this would be a perfect time to apply the Honey Gro Pudding. Which seals in additional moisture to your strands. Allow your hair to air dry as often as possible. Voila! Your washday will instantly feel like a self-care day once you look at your fuller, thicker, and healthier kinks, curls, and coils.   

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