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Itchy Scalp - Tips you didn't know

Itchy scalp is one that we all hate. A common condition that comes from a range of different causes. Itchy scalp creates a concern that makes us self conscious and causes us so much grief. Often uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Common reasons for itchy scalp are dandruff, allergic reaction, dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, and eczema. 
You may experience symptoms such as reddened scalp, white flakes to the scalp, dry skin, swollen skin, and irritated skin. Itchy scalp can range in severity. Ranging from feeling a tingle to the scalp or pain to the scalp. We understand the frustrations of an itchy scalp and want to offer best practices to try avoid itchy scalp.
Be sure to pay attention to the labels of the products used on your scalp. Ensure you check your allergies. Use products that will not dry your scalp out. Products packed with moisture, vitamins, and nutrients are recommended. Scalp health is vital in order to ensure hair growth. Be sure you invest in the proper products to give your scalp the health needed to achieve the growth.
Our Honey Gro line was made with aloe vera as the base to ensure scalp health. Packed with all natural ingredients. Each ingredient targets scalp health, moisture, and maintaining the PH balance for your scalp. 

Based in Aloe Vera for the benefits it offers the scalp. Aloe Vera strengthens the hair and heals the scalp. Say goodbye to itchy, irritated, and dry scalp. Aids in breakage and damage. Seals in moisture as well as promotes hair growth. 

Honey seals moisture into the hair follicles. Restores shine and smoothens your hair naturally with its natural properties. Promotes a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth. 

Biotin increases keratin production which results in growing thicker and stronger hair strands. 

Flaxseed provides nourishment to the hair and scalp. Gives hair growth a boost while providing strength at the root.

When you are needing additional TLC to the scalp apply fresh Aloe Vera to the scalp for 15 minutes. You can also utilize the Honey Gro shampoo on the scalp for 15 minutes as needed. That’s a tip we don’t share with everyone, wink wink. 

 Thank you all for taking the time to review our insight on itchy scalp. Be sure to share this post if it was helpful. 

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