- Common concerns with natural hair. Important factors that are not assisting you with hair growth. Let's chat about why your hair is not seeing growth and how you can correct this.

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Are you also suffering from the typical hair problem that most women have? Do you feel that your natural hair has stopped growing, and you are absolutely not aware of the reason? Well, let us burst your bubble. Unless there is a medical issue, our hair follicles never stop growing. The latter might leave you wondering what the real problem is.

Understanding the causes of hair not growing can be tricky, especially for people with dry, curly, or frizzy hair. This article will walk you through a few factors behind the paused growth of your natural hair and what you can do to fix them. Keep reading below.


Let's accept it! We all want our hair to be long and strong. We all have googled at some point the tips and tricks to grow hair as soon as possible. Let us be clear, the average hair growth of any individual is around 6 inches annually. However, some people have an extended growth phase, in which their hair grows crazy long! Unluckily, we are not among those people, but there is no chance of giving up! With a little hard work, dedication, and patience, anyone can achieve longer and stronger strands. Here are a few common concerns that you should nip in the bud ASAP!


Hair growing to a certain extent and suddenly breaking is probably the most common yet frustrating natural hair concern. Many reasons contribute to hair breakage, with hormonal imbalance being the most prominent. There are also some unhealthy hair habits causing hair breakage, such as various hairstyles, using hair tools, too much heating equipment, unattended split ends, using chemical products. A big culprit to hair breakage is wigs, weaves, and other protective styles and not caring for your hair and scalp during this time. We recommend our Abundance Hair and Scalp Serum during protective styles to assist in breakage.


The hair growth cycle becomes older with your age, affecting your hair growth. This is because, with growing age, your scalp tends to produce lesser oils than before, thus causing hair thinning, split ends, and slower growth.


Well, it is surprising, but let us tell you that your hair does not stop its growth at a certain length but when they reach the end of its growth phase. However, this growth phase is decided by your genes, which can last between 2-6 years. Your thyroid hormone concentration is also determined by your genes, which significantly affect hair growth.


Similar to your physical health, an unhealthy diet plays a significant role in promoting slower hair growth or no growth at all! Hence your diet should be rich in zinc, iron, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, and collagen. Zinc is found in foods like beans, red beans, and nuts, while vitamin D comes from milk and other dairy products. You can get iron and proteins from eggs and chicken, while supplements rich in Vitamin B-complex are great for hair follicle growth. You can even use gummies regularly that aid in hair growth and nourishment.


Although shedding hair is a natural process, stress and the latter go hand in hand. Going through significant physical or mental stress might greatly affect your hair growth cycle, causing faster shedding than usual. Our motto if it does not add to our peace we have to let it go. Shed that stress so that your hair can continue to thrive.

Here are a few valuable tips to overcome the common hair concerns mentioned above and help you gain your length sooner than expected. Let's have a look!

  • Use a wide-toothed comb or gentle detangling tool to detangle your hair. (NEVER DRY, DETANGLE ON WET HAIR) 
  • Washing hair with hot water causes them to be brittle and dull. Hence, use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Always condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing to retain its hydration.
  • Always use a heat-protectant when styling your hair using a curler or a straightener. A heat-protecting hair spray forms a barrier between your strands and the styling tool to protect it from heat stress.
  • Detangle from the ends working your way up to the root. 
  • Utilize a hair serum that strengthens your hair shaft and follicles. 


When it comes to natural hair, you will have to endure a few things. There will be your good and bad hair days, frustrating setbacks, and triumphs. But you do not need to give up on your wish of having beautiful locks. Hence, it is time for action! Follow our tips religiously, be consistent to our products, patience, and watch as you gain the hair health and length you always wanted!

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