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Babies hair - Using products too early

A good debate is asking when to start products on childrens hair. The answer to that question varies. Of course we know to check the labels and ensure your children have products that are friendly to their scalp and what they need. Our Honey Gro collection was formulated for both children as young as 12 months to adults. Our ingredients are geared around health and nutrients for the scalp and hair with all hair types. 

Other companies may only formulate their products for mature scalp and hair. Meaning the ingredients in the products may be too harsh to use on children. The safe answer is to always check your labels and ingredients. Be sure the company formulated their products with children in mind. Here are our children friendly products with the ages we recommend starting. 

6 months and up: May use natural oils that are lightweight and maintains a healthy PH for the scalp. 

12 months and up: The entire Honey Gro collection was made for ages as young as 12 months and up to adults. The ingredients are natural and safe for younger ages. Making it easier for hair day as they are made for all hair types. Saving time on having to find different products for different ages. One stop shop for "mommy and me". 

Thank you for reading our insight on hair care for younger ages. If you found this helpful please share! 

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